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This help article will help you add a new customer either as a company or an individual member. In OfficeR&D you can create company records, individual members, and company team members. Individual members are usually freelancers and members that do not belong to a company.

Tip: If you have a list of existing members, we can import it in OfficeR&D for you. Head over to the Import Members tutorial for more information.



Adding Company and Company Members

  1. Open the Community tab and click Add company to open the company editor.
  2. Add the company details:
    • Name
    • Email
    • URL
    • Twitter
    • More info
    • Start Date
    • Location
  3.  Click Add. The company profile page will be opened.

3. Now you can add employees names and email addresses by clicking on the Add Member button.

Add Individual Members

  1. Navigate to Community/Members.
  2. Click Add Member.
  3. Add the member profile details and leave the Company field empty:
    • Name
    • Full Name
    • Bio
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Twitter
    • Location
    • Status
  4. Click Add.

Add Memberships, One-Off Fees and Invoices

Open the profile page of the members - a company's individual member. This is where you add their memberships, one-off fees, and invoices.

  • Click Add Membership to assign a reoccurring membership for a private office, desk or a service.

Note: When the added membership starts, the system will label the member as an 'active' member. The membership plan will be added to the member's regular recurring invoice each month.

  • Click Add Fee to assign a one-off charge such as a key deposit or printing services. The fee will be added to the first invoice issued after its purchase date and will not be added to regular recurring invoices.

Once a member has memberships and one-off fees added in their profile, you can raise and send their first invoice. 

  • Click Add Invoice and populate the Issue Date, Due Date and the period of the invoice:

 Tip: If you want to charge fees immediately and prorate the first month, open Settings/Invoicing and make sure you have set up your prorate and billing segregation settings to your preferences. Read more.

Update Billing Details

You can find the Billing Details of your members on the left side of their profile page. Click on the Edit button to change them.

Add Payment Details

IMPORTANT: To add, update or change payment details of a company or a member, you need to set up a payment gateway integration. Learn more.  

To add the member payment details on their profile page:

1. Navigate to the Payment Details section.

2. Click on Add Credit Card, Setup ACH or Setup PayPal.

3. Add the payment details and click Add

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