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Set Up a Billing Plan


The most important thing when it comes to billing your customers is the billing plans you have setup in your OfficeR&D organisation. Those are managed in the Billing/Plans and there are two types of plans:

  • Recurring plans that recur every month
  • One-off plans that occur only once



  1. Navigate to Billing
  2. From the left-side menu select Plans
  3. Click on Add Plan
  4. The Add Plan dialog opens. At the top of the dialog, note the five different tabs which allow you to configure different aspects of the plan. Let’s go through them one by one.



  • Type - There are four main types of plans in OfficeR&D each one of which serves a certain purpose.

    • Private office - Used by companies which will occupy office(s) in your space. Memberships created with this plan will then be assignable to resources of type Private office.
    • Dedicated desk - Used by members or companies which will occupy desk(s) in your space. Memberships created with this plan will then be assignable to resources of type Desk.
    • Hot desk - Usually sold to drop-in or frequent flyer members which take the first available desk in your space. Memberships created with this plan are not assignable to any resource.
    • Service - Complimentary services you offer in your space like Lockers, Parking spots, Canteen service, Daily coffee and so on.

  • Name - The name of the plan which will be displayed when creating memberships or when people are signing up through the portal. E.g. “Dedicated desk”, “Big office for 12”, etc.

  • Unique code - A code that uniquely identifies the plan. Can be used in exports and to navigate to a pre-populated sign-up page.

  • Price - Price of the plan. It can be either paid monthly or just once depending on the frequency.

  • Frequency

    • month - Plans that will be billed monthly and will recur each month. Assigned to memberships.
    • once - Plans that will be billed just once. Assigned to fees.

TIP: If once is selected some of the options in the dialog won’t be available for configuration.

  • Deposit (applicable to ‘month’ plans only) - An amount which will be held when a membership with this plan is created. The amount will be held by creating a refundable fee.

  • (Optional) Description - The description of the plan. Displayed on the Portal sign up page.

  • Locations (applicable to multi-location spaces only) - The locations in which the plan is available.



Applicable to ‘month’ plans only.

Extras are available only as additions to a plan and cannot be bought otherwise. Some spaces offer Lockers or Parking spots for their more expensive plans as an extra. Each extra has three fields:

  • Name - name of the extra, e.g. Locker
  • Price - price of the extra, e.g. $30
  • Deposit - deposit for the extra, e.g. $15



This section specifies if Meeting room credits will be granted along with the plan. Credits can be either a limited number or set to Unlimited. They are valid for either** All meeting rooms**, a single room or a number of rooms.



Configure if the plan is available for purchase through the member facing client portal.

  • Request approval - If this option is checked the plan won’t be available for direct purchase. Rather the new member will make a request which will result in

    1. A profile being created for him in the system
    2. A membership created for him with status “Not approved”
    3. You can then go and approve the newly created membership.
  • Available for members - Specifies if the plan is available for purchase by people who already have accounts in the Portal.

  • Available on Signup - Specifies if the plan is available for direct purchase on the sign-up page.

  • Allow Cancelation - Specifies if members can request cancellation of the plan they purchased.

  • Image - Uploads the chosen image as the plan icon.

  • Category - Specifies a category to be used to group the plans in different tabs on the Portal. 



  • Account - To which account will revenue from this plan be added. You can manage accounts from Billing/Accounts.

  • Day passes - You can specify the number of day passes which will be granted when this plan is bought.

  • Setup fees - Any setup fees that the member buying this plan will be charged for. Here you can select only ‘once’ plans created before that.

  • Discounts - Any discounts that members on this plan will be entitled to. You can manage discounts from Billing/Discounts.

  • Amenities - Add the amenities that are available with the plan. Amenities are provided out of the box, they don't require an additional payment and are therefore displayed as part of the overall description of the plan on the members portal and signup pages.

  • Prorate plan (applicable to ‘month’ plans only) - Whether or not the plan should be prorated when an invoice for a partial month is issued. If the option is not checked the whole amount will be charged.

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