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Connecting your OfficeR&D Members' portal with your marketing website is very good idea. Here's an overview diagram of how the signup process works:

You have several options to integrate new members:

  • Login button - it's a good idea to have a Login button on top of your website to link to your Members portal home page. OfficeR&D will then sign in automatically or prompt the login page if needed then. 
  • Public Calendar - you may want to link from your Marketing website, the meeting rooms section to your Public Calendar in OfficeR&D. This will allow new members to directly book a room and pay.
  • Sign up button - another option is to enable new members to directly signup from your website. Following is more information on how to link from your Website to the OfficeR&D Members portal signup page:

OfficeR&D supports deep linking to particular products. To configure this functionality you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure all the products you'd like to link to are made publicly available - from "Billing/Plans" edit the plan and open the "Portal" tab of the edit plan dialog. Find the "Available for non-members" checkbox and make sure to have it checked.
  2. Add product code for all publicly available products - again from the edit plan dialog open the "General" tab and find the "Unique code" field next to the plan name.
  3. Build the URLs to the products. They should look like this: https://<portal-domain>/signup?plans=<plan-code>, where the plan-code is the code from point 2 and the portal-domain is where your OfficeR&D members portal is hosted. By default, it is a subdomain of (e.g.
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