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Space Management Basics

OfficeR&D allows you to fully manage your space with beautiful, interactive floorplans. Once implemented, this will enable you to obtain meaningful reports and track KPIs like Occupancy, Resource Availability, Historical statistics, etc.

Following is the list of important bits and pieces related to OfficeR&D Space Management and how to get started.

OfficeR&D interactive floorplans enable you to represent your office space in a nice and meaningful way. They are based on your original plans (CAD, PDF, or Image file) with few layers on of them. This gives you the ability to click and select desks, offices and other resources. 

How to get started?

  1. Import - the import process is handled by our awesome team. Just send us your plans at  You can easily edit the floorplans we created by clicking the 'Design' button.
  2. Map - map the floorplan shapes to resources - desks, offices, meeting rooms.
  3. Assign - assign members/teams to the available resources.

Map Shapes To Resources

A resource is an entity that you can use to track bookings, availability of desks and private offices. Usually, a resource is attached to a shape (desk) or zone (room) on the floorplan. 

OfficeR&D supports the following resource types:

  • Desks - you can assign all 'desk' shapes to desk resource types:
    • Dedicated (Fix) Desk - a resource that you can assign permanent members/teams to.
    • Hot (Flex) Desk - a resource type that you can use for tracking flexible, day-to-day memberships.
    • Private Office Desk - a resource that is part of a Private Office. Note that in order to see an accurate occupancy rate for the private offices, you need to add private office desks in every office. 
  • Zones / Rooms - you can assign zones (rooms) to room resource types.
    • Private Office - a resource type that you can use to keep track of your office availability. You can use it to assign team memberships of type Private Office. 
    • Meeting Room - a resource type that you can use for utilizing meeting room bookings.

Resource Properties

By default all resources (except the Meeting Rooms) have the following properties:

  • Number / Name - unique number (name).
  • Target plan - the default plan of this resource. Various desks may have different target plans. We use this plan to calculate the Cash occupancy.
  • Type - the resource type. 

How to map floorplan shape/zone to a resource?

  1. Select a shape/zone.
    • If you want to create a new resource, click Add and add a new resource to map it to the floorplan shape. 
    • If you have existing resources, locate the proper resource from the drop-down available in the right-side pane to map it to the shape/zone.
    • If the shape/zone is already mapped to a resource, click Change to change the mapping.

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