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Use OfficeR&D in Zapier

1. Create new Zap

Login to your Zapier accound and create new Zap. Setup a trigger for your new integration.

2. Setup OfficeR&D

Add OfficeR&D application to your Zapier account by following this link. This is needed because we are still in beta.

3. Add OfficeR&D action

When choosing the action for your new Zap, search for ‘OfficeR&D v2’.

4. Login with OfficeR&D credentials

While setting up your Zap you will be asked for your OfficeR&D credentials. Just type in the ones you use to log in at OfficeR&D.

5. Have fun

Enjoy your newly created integration. Connect OfficeR&D to hundreds of applications with Zapier.

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