Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication with Jumpcloud

In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can implement a single sign-on using Jumpcloud. This integration will enable your employees to sign in to OfficeRnD Hybrid using their Active Directory credentials. The SSO can be implemented for both Web and Admin Portals.


Web Portal SSO

  1. Log in to your OfficeRnD Hybrid account
  2. Navigate to Settings/Integrations
  3. Expand the Authentication section and next to SSO Authentication click Activate.
  4. Click Configure and copy the Return URL. You will need to use it shortly.
  5. Now Open your Jumpcloud Aadmin console and navigate to USER AUTHENTICATION/SSO.
  6. Add a Custom OIDC App.
  7. Fill in a name in the Display Label and other setting you need on the General Info tab.
  8. Switch to the SSO tab and paste the Return URL you copied at step 4 in the Redirect URIs section.
  9. In the Login URL field paste the link to your OfficeRnD Web Portal:
  10. Add a User Attribute Mapping with the value email in both fields.
  11. Click Activate.
  12. Copy Client ID and Client Secret, go back to OfficeRnD, and paste them into the configuration pop-up in OfficeRnD's respective fields.
  13. Add the Discovery URL:
  14. Hit Update.

Admin Portal SSO

After you have configured the Web Portal SSO, you can add your Admin Portal SSO as well.

  1. Click Configure on the SSO integration in OfficeRnD.
  2. Click Activate Admin Portal SSO.
  3. Copy the Return URL.
  4. Open your newly created app in Jumpcloud.
  5. Switch to the SSO tab.
  6. Click Add URI under the Redirect URI's section.
  7. Paste the copied Return URL.
  8. Save your changes in both platforms.
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