Activity Logs, Data Backup & Recovery


OfficeRnD has the following processes for user activity logging, data backup and recovery:

1. Incremental backups are performed on an hourly and daily basis. All backups are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256.

  • Hourly backups are maintained for 3 days.
  • Daily backups are maintained for 150 days (roughly 5 months).

2. All client information is deleted from the database within 60 days of subscription cancelation. Information from the backups is deleted after 150 days.

3. User activity logs are maintained for 90 days. They are visible to users with sufficient permissions within the admin portal.

To check user activity logs:

  • Flex - navigate to Settings/Account Details/Activity Logs
  • Hybrid - navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Audit Logs

4. Activity logs for deleted users are maintained for 90 days. Subscribers are responsible for deleting inactive users/members. When the user/member is deleted, their account information and all information about his activities within the platform is deleted from the system.

5. Contact our support team if you need to restore activity logs older than 90 days (up to 240 days or roughly 8 months). Requests for restoration of activity logs should be submitted by the account owner.

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