Outlook Off Work Sync


You and your employees can let your collegues know when you are Off Work and thus won’t be in the office. Rather than set these days manually, you can make it possible to sync them from Outlook Calendar to Hybrid using the Outlook Off Work Sync integration.


  • The Outlook Off Work Sync integration is available on Pro and Enterprise plans only.
  • Sync is available one-way from Outlook Calendar to Hybrid and not the other.

Default Behavior

  • If an employee has a desk booking on an OOO day, the integration will not cancel their desk booking. Admins can change this in the integration settings if they wish to automatically cancel bookings when employees are Off Work (except for meeting room bookings).
  • Users can override Off Work status by booking a desk if they wish.
  • Sync will be done automatically on a daily basis (1x per day) at 11 am UTC. Manual sync is an option but it's not instant (it may take a little time to process).
  • The integration will only sync full-day OOO events where Outlook Status is Away, for up to 6 months in the future.
  • The integration only cancels bookings for new Away statuses (i.e. if the user changes the dates of their “Away” event, it won’t make new booking cancellations)
  • The integration won’t sync Away status for inactive users (users who haven’t logged in within 3 months).

  • The integration won't sync Away status for users who are not in the Active Directory.

Note: Status = Away is usually the standard setting in MS Viva for OOO events.

Setup Guide

1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations and click Activate next to Outlook Off Work Sync.


2. Click Connect.


3. Sign-in with your O365 Admin Credentials. Note that the required permissions are the same as in the Outlook Rooms integration


4. Once connected you can click Configure and change the Automatically cancel bookings when employee is Off Work, except for meeting rooms setting. It's set to off by default.


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