AR Aging Details


The AR Aging Details dashboard provides an aggregated view of what is the total amount due by each of your customers, with the amounts broken down in aging buckets.


Clicking on any of the rows and columns of the report allows you to quickly open the customer's profile page for additional information.

grid menu.png

The grid contains the Deposit Help and Unallocated Amounts columns for each customer, so you can compare them to the amounts that are at risk of being collected.

  • The Deposit Held column contains the sum of all refundable fees which are already paid but have not been refunded.
  • The Unallocated Credit column contains the sum of all credit notes and overpayments issued to the member which has NOT been allocated to an invoice yet.
Additional options such as filtering, expanded views, and data export are available as well. Click here to learn more.
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