Bookings Overview


The Bookings Overview dashboard is the most complete and granular bookings report in Flex Data Hub. It provides a highly visual layout with several scorecards and charts - an alternative to the concise Bookings Report whose grid-based style is more suitable for traditional exporting, editing, and printing.

Additional options such as expanded views, drilling data, and data export are available as well. Click here to learn more.



The information can be filtered by a combination of up to eight criteria:

  • Date Range
  • Location
  • Resource Type
  • Resource Rate
  • Resource Name
  • Booking Origin
  • Customer Name
  • Discount Applied
  • Discount Code

Note: Using the Discount Applied and Discount Code filters will only show bookings that fulfil both the criteria below:

  • They were made by non-members using the public calendar
  • A valid discount code was applied



Here, the following information is available at a glance:

  • Number of Bookings
  • Bookings Duration in Hours
  • Average Bookings Duration in Hours
  • Bookings Revenue
  • Hourly Credits Used
  • Couns Used


The following widgets are available in the dashboard:

Total Bookings Duration in Hours per Month

Here, the Total Bookings Duration in Hours per Month metric is shown split by Free/Paid and by Customer Status (Active, Contact, Drop-in).


Resources by Booked Revenue

rsrs by booked rev.png

Locations by Booked Revenue

locs by booked rev.png

Total Bookings Revenue per Month

total bookings revenue per month.png

% Utilization of Resource Per Month

util rsrs month.png

Most Booked Day of the Week by Average Booking Duration


Customers Ranked by Booking Duration in Hours

customers ranked.png

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