Stripe Errors & Troubleshooting


Verification error (max. number of tries exceeded)

Sometimes a customer may fail Stripe's instant verification flow by exceeding the maximum of 3 attempts allowed to add and validate their payment information.

Luckily, Stripe has a number of automated procedures to help customers with this situation. Please go through this concise explanation for more information.

As the authentication flow is handled entirely by Stripe, this means that we are unable to reset the number of tries or input the microdeposits (explained here in Step 6) on our end.

That said, we can suggest two approaches to resolving the situation:

  • The customer can delete their payment details and add them again. This will trigger the verification flow which needs to be completed anew. Learn more about the verification flow.
  • If you receive a 6-digit descriptor code from Stripe, you can contact Stripe support and have them verify your bank account. After verification, navigate to Settings/Integrations in OfficeRnD and sync the Stripe integration. This will mark your bank account as Verified in our system.

Exchange Rate Conversion With SEPA

Say an operator has set EUR as the main organization currency, but it also supports multi-currency and wants to invoice a customer in BGN. This can be done with SEPA transactions, with or without using the automatic exchange rate in Stripe.

1. If you configure OfficeRnD to charge the customer in EUR, Stripe will receive the payment in EUR, convert it to BGN using its automatic exchange rate, and send it to the organization's BGN IBAN account.

2. If you configure OfficeRnD to charge the customer in BGN, the customer will be charged in BGN (although the organization's main currency can still be EUR). The amount will be converted from EUR to BGN according to the conversion rate specified in OfficeRnD, and sent via Stripe. No further conversion will be done.

'No Such Customer' Error

Sometimes a user attempts to add a second payment detail to a company that has an existing one and is met with the following error message (example):


This may happen both when the user tries to add a bank account to a company with a credit card, and vice versa.

The error means the company has been deleted from Stripe and is most likely an old record. In such cases, erasing the old card details and adding new ones usually resolves the error.

ACH Sync Error

The ACH account that is verified in Stripe is not synchronizing to ORND. After manual sync on the integration, the ACH still says it's pending verifications. This could happen if the same account has been added to both the member and the company profile and they have the same email. This breaks the sync of verificaiton. The solution is to change the company or member e-mail.

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