A note on unsubscribing from OfficeRnD Hybrid e-mails


All e-mails sent from your organization in OfficeRnD Hybrid contain a Unsubscribe link.


Clicking on it will unsubscribe you from ALL OfficeRnD e-mails, including important system e-mails such as password reset and other invites.


To prevent problems with unreceived e-mails, we advise against using the unsubscribe link to control the amount of communication you receive from the platform. Instead, you can personalize your notification settings from My Profile/Notifications in the Web Portal:

not settings.png

What to do if you're unsubscribed

If you clicked unsubscribe and experience issues with undelivered system e-mails, please contact customer support. We will check if your e-mail address is in the list of unsubscribed e-mails and we'll promptly remove it.

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