[SCIM] Sync user Primary Location between AD & Hybrid


Hybrid can be configured to automatically assign the correct Primary Location to each user. Doing this manually and keeping data up to date for each employee can be too time-consuming otherwise.


Map office locations

Customers can map their AD property (or extension attribute) to the Office Location field in the SCIM User Provisioning integration:

map office locs.png

Note: This is unnecessary if the location name is an exact match between AD and Hybrid. However, it allows us to handle cases where the AD Office name doesn’t match the ORND Location name.

Note: Multiple external directory locations can be mapped to a single location. The input field supports multiple comma separated values.

Sync user Primary Location to AD

The SCIM integration enables customers to map their AD Location field to Locations in Hybrid. There are two options:

1. Azure customers can use the standard ‘physicalDeliveryOfficeName’ property - it corresponds to the 'Office location’ field when editing a user. Click here to learn more.

2. Use an extension attribute to hold the office name. This option is available for all SCIM customers. Click here to learn more about setting this up in Okta.

Note: When a user is created in Hybrid, the SCIM integration should set their Primary Location based on their Office Location in the AD.


When will the Primary Office Location data sync?

When user is first created in Hybrid.

What if the user has already been created? Will we sync their AD primary location?

No, we will not sync their primary location to Hybrid. This is because the user may have set their primary location in Hybrid and we felt it’s important to respect that. See the next question which is related.

Can users change their primary location in Hybrid?

Yes, users can change their primary location. We felt it was important to have this flexibility as the AD location field may not be always accurate.

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