Hybrid Visitor Hub - Add & Manage Visitors (Visitor Log)


The Visitor Hub visitor management.png module has two purposes:

  • Provide overview and management of Visitors in the Visitor Log. Visitors can be people outside the organization, or employees attending meetings. They can be registered via the admin portal, reception app, and the web portal.
  • Provide setup and customization options for the Visitor Hub tablet app, which is used to check visitors in and out. The Tablet app Settings page has its own dedicated help article.
  • While you're at it, learn more about the Add Visitors feature for employees.


Visitor Log

The visitor log allows you to:

  • Log visitor details including name, email, status, arrival, check-out times, host and location information
  • Check visitors in or out
  • Filter and manage visits and visitor details
  • Export past and future visits

Check Visitors In and Out

Click on the drop-down menu in the Status column and choose Checked In. Once checked-in, a visitor can be checked-out from the same menu. Learn more about visitor statuses.


Filter columns

The Visitor Log shows a grid with information and management options for visitors:

Visitor main.png

The following columns have an Actions menu Actions menu.png button with filtering options:

  • Visitor - Filter the information in the visitor log by visitor name.
  • Arrival Time - Filter the information in the visitor log by visitor arrival time.
  • Host - Filter the information in the visitor log by visitor host.

Sort columns

The following columns have a ascdesc.png button  for sorting by ascending/descending order:

  • Status
  • Arrival time
  • Check-out time

Visit Details

Each row in the grid has an Edit edit btn.png button in the last cell. Click on it to open the Visit Details dialog. Here, you can edit the Visitor, Arrival Time, Host, and Location after the visit has been created.

visit details.png

Visitor Profile & Visits History

Click on the name of a visitor in the grid to open their visitor profile:

visitor profile.png

The Visitor section lets you click on Edit Profile to change the visitor's name, e-mail, and any custom properties (if present):


The Visits History section contains a history of this visitor's visitation with the following details:

  • Status - Visits can have the following statuses:
    • Expected - when the visitors haven’t arrived yet
    • Checked In - when checked in the space
    • Checked Out - when checked out of the space. Note that Visitors are automatically checked out at 00h.
    • Didn’t show up - after 00h on the day after no-show, the status changes to this

Tip: You can click on the drop-down menu in the Status column and choose another status.

  • Arrival Time
  • Check-out Time
  • Host

You can also click on Delete Profile to erase the visitor profile. This will also delete their visit history.

Register visitor

To register visitors, click on the Register Visitor reg visitor 2.png button and choose the Register Visitor option.

reg visitor btn menu.png

Next, follow the on-screen steps:

1. Begin entering the visitor's Full Name in the field. If the visitor already exists in the system, their name will appear in the list and you can simply select it. If not, finish entering the name and click + Create New Visitor.

reg visitor drop.png

2. Click Next. The dialog that follows is the same for both newly added and existing visitors.

register visitor.png

The following fields are mandatory and need to be filled:

  • Arrival Time - click on the date picker to select the time and date.
  • Host - Select the employee hosting the visitor from the drop-down menu.
  • Location - Choose the location from the drop-down menu.
  • The Email field is optional, and so is the Send notification to visitor toggle.

3. When you're finished, click Register. The newly registered visitor will appear in the Visitor Log:

visitor log new 2.png

Registration won’t mark the person as checked-in. Visitors can do that from the Reception tablet app upon their arrival, or you can manually switch their status from the Visitor Log.

Add visitor to booking

The Add visitor to booking option lets you pre-register visitors as guests to a meeting room booking.

add vt to booking.png

Clicking on it will take you directly to the Bookings Calendar, normally accessed from the Meeting Rooms module.

bookings cal.png

In the calendar, you can create new bookings (or edit existing ones) and Invite attendees from the Add/Edit Booking dialog. All of the functionality is explained here.



Export Visitor Log

You can export the Visitor Log data in .CSV spreadsheet file format. Click on the Export button xport btn2.png (next to the Register Visitor reg visitor 2.png button) and download the .CSV file. The following columns are included:

  • Visitor Name
  • Visitor Email
  • Status
  • Arrival Time
  • Check-Out Time
  • Host
  • Location
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