Stripe 2.0 - ACH Verification With Descriptor Code (Admin Portal)


Non-instant ACH verification for newly added bank accounts (or existing bank accounts in need of verification) can be performed in Stripe via two methods:

For newly added accounts, the appropriate verification method will be automatically selected. For bank accounts that have been added prior, but have not been verified yet, both options will be shown. Only one needs to be filled in to proceed.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open a company or member profile.

2. Click on the + button in the Payment Details section and choose Add Payment Method.

add paym dets manually.png

3. The customer will receive an e-mail with a button titled Update Payment Details.

update paym btn.png

They must click on the button and fill-in their payment information online:

enter stripe.png

4. In the step after hitting Set up bank account, the customer needs to enter their Routing number and Account number as provided by the bank:

rtn nmbr.png

After completing this step, the customer will receive their Descriptor Code. It will be used to verify the bank account in OfficeRnD.

6. Click on the cogwheel cogwh1.png next to the newly added bank account and choose Verify from the menu:

payment details.png

7. Enter the customer's descriptor code and click Verify. A confirmation or error message will appear to indicate completion.

desc code.png

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