Stripe 2.0 - ACH Verification With Descriptor Code (Members Portal)


Non-instant ACH verification for newly added bank accounts (or existing bank accounts in need of verification) can be performed in Stripe via two methods:

For newly added accounts, the appropriate verification method will be automatically selected. For bank accounts that have been added prior, but have not been verified yet, both options will be shown. Only one needs to be filled in to proceed.

Add & Verify A Bank Account From The Members Portal

Note: This requires that the Stripe 2.0 integration is active.

1. Open the Members Portal

2. Navigate to Billing/Payment Details and click on the Company tab.

3. Click on Add Payment Method.

add paym method mmbr.png

4. In the Add Payment Details dialog that opens, click on Enter bank details manually instead.

add paym 2.png

5. In the next dialog, enter your Routing number and Account number as provided by the bank and click Submit.

rtn nmbr.png

6. Next, click on the Back to (your organisation) button which returns you to OfficeRnD.

aqlmost there.png

7. Enter your e-mail and Full name. When you're finished, click Add.


8. Click Verify next to your newly added bank account.


9. Enter the descriptor code and click Confirm. A confirmation or error message will appear to indicate completion.


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