Flex Visitor Hub - Configure the Tablet app

Open the Visitor Hub module module.png and click on Tablet app settings. The following pages are available:

Further reading is also available for these topics:

Download the Visitor Hub Tablet app

The OfficeRnD Visitor Hub app is available for both iPadOS (13.4 or newer) and Android (6.0 or newer). OfficeRnD Flex customers can download it from the Apple and Google Play stores:

 D90D94331E54D2005CC8CEE352FF98ECF639.png   2000px-Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svg_.png

  • Once you download the app, you need to use your OfficeRnD Admin credentials to log in.

  • Upon successful login, you’ll be presented with a list of all your Locations - choosing a location will link the tablet to that location, which reflects in the notifications each Visitor and Host receives.

Live Preview

A live preview of the tablet app is shown and dynamically updated as you make changes on each page. You can also mouse-hover on the live preview to:


Theme & Welcome Screen


The following options are available:

  • Company Logo - Upload a logo to be displayed in the app. For best visual results, make sure to use an image with a transparent background, a 4:1 ratio, and larger than 160 x 40px.
  • Welcome text - Enter a message (up to 60 characters) which will appear on the Welcome screen.
  • Primary & Background color - Click on the color selectors to choose. The primary color is applied to buttons and tags. The background color is applied when no background image has been uploaded.
  • Background image - You can upload a background image to be used instead of a background color. The background image size should match or exceed your tablet’s screen resolution.
  • Touch-less check-in - Let users check in on their device by scanning a QR code presented on the tablet welcome screen.
  • Localization - Click Go to Configuration to manage the languages displayed on the tablet app. This ensures the correct language is displayed for each location. The settings mirror those of the Hybrid Web Portal.

When you're finished, click Save Changes. Alternatively, click Discard Changes.

Tablet Flows Customization

Here, you can toggle on/off and configure the main tablet app user flows. You can also click on the Cogwheel cog blu.png next to each flow to rename it. The change will be reflected in the app's buttons.

flows csm.png

If you click Customize next to Check-in, you can toggle check-in flows to allow Visitors and Members to check-in from the Tablet app. Click on the toggles toggle.png to enable or disable the flows. You can also click Customize to change their settings.

flow types.png


By default, this flow requires visitors to enter full name, email and host name. Upon successful check-in, the host will receive a notification.

Click Customize and you get additional options:

  • Fields tab - Add or remove the E-mail address and Company fields from the flow (1). You can also make them Optional or Required (2).


  • Documents tab - here, you can provide documents (such as T&C) for visitors to read and accept prior to check-in.


Click on crnewdoc2.png and make your choice:

1. New blank file - use the integrated text editor to create and save your document.

cr new.png

2. Document url - link to an existing .pdf document that will be shown.

upl 2.png

When your documents are added, you will be able to add (1) or remove (2) them from the flow:



This flow asks for either name or e-mail according to your choice. Click on the Customize button and choose how members should identify themselves:

  • Based on Name (enabled by default)
  • Based on E-mail

member flow.png


Allow Visitors and members to check out through the Tablet app.


Allow delivery management through the Tablet app. Recipients will receive a notification when their delivery is awaiting pick up.


Here, you can test the email notifications sent to:

  • The meeting host when a visitor checks in.
  • The visitor when an invitation email is sent out.


More Options

more optns.png

Here, you can:

  • Go to the Configuration page where you can allow hosts to pre-register their visitors to a booking or create a stand alone visit.
  • Choose from two privacy settings when Visitors search for their host, or when a delivery recipient is selected:
    • Type at least 3 letters to see suggestions - Visitors will see list of people while typing the name.
    • Type the Full name - Visitors must type in the full name of their host the same way it’s written in the system.

Note: These settings are implemented to prevent security breach and data scraping attempts with guessing member names.

  • Download the Tablet app for Android and iOS.

Enable Automatic Updates

To get the latest version on your device as soon as we push an update, you should enable automatic updates in both app stores:

Automatic Update for Android

  1. To turn on auto-update for the app, go to the app page in the Google Play Store.

  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

  3. Enable Auto-update.


Automatic Update for iOS

Go to Settings/App Store and toggle App Updates on.

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