When Can I Resend an Email?


The Email Activity Services module in OfficeRnD Flex has a convenient Resend Email button. It can be used in cases where an email couldn't be sent or delivered due to technical failures or suppression events.

The button is visible in the top-right corner when you click on a thread to open it in Email History View:

Resend Email.png

When Can I Re-send an Email?

The Resend Email button can be used for 3 days (or more, depending on the domain configuration in Mailgun) after sending the original message. After the time limit expires, the button will no longer be available.

Resend Email Dialog

Clicking on the button opens the following dialog:


The Recipient Name, Date Sent, and Status are shown for the email you are about to resend. Review the information and click on the Resend Email button to confirm.

When the email is successfully resent, a success message will be shown and a new record will be added to the Email Activity Service page with status Resent:


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