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OfficeR&D interactive floorplans enable you to represent your office space in a nice and meaningful way. They are based on your original plans (Image file) with few layers on top of them. This allows to click and select desks, offices and other resources and interact with them:

  • Set target/list price
  • Assign members, teams, and memberships
  • Manage availability, etc

Usually, we import all floorplans for our clients. But if you'd like, you can surely import them yourself.

Upload floorplans

Follow these steps to import your floorplans:

  1. Export your floorplan to an image format - png, jpg or another image format.
  2. Add a new Floor or edit an existing floor in OfficeR&D.
  3. Upload your image floorplan in the Floorplan section.

Once uploaded, your floorplan will be the background of your interactive OfficeR&D floorplan.

Draw an interactive layer

Once you close the Floor dialog, you can click on the floorplan and open the OfficeR&D Designer. To start sketching out the floorplan you can click on the Design button with the paintbrush icon in the upper right. The next step is to Measure the floorplan. This will put your floorplan in perspective.

  • If your floorplan has measures on it, you can click on a point where the measure starts and second click where it ends. Then add the real length of the measurement on the floorplan in the small box at the bottom of the screen.
  • If it doesn't have measures, you can either measure a desk, a door or something that you know how long it is. For example, a standard desk could be 120cm.
  • If you need to change the measurement units of your space from sq.m (EU/metrics) to sq.ft (US/imperial) and vice versa you can check out this article.

After you're done with the measures you can start drawing.

  1. Start with the Walls. In order to draw walls, you need to use the Wall tool, 3rd on the top.
  2. Then add the Doors. You may need to rotate or reposition the door.
  3. Next is to draw the Zones - Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, Kitchens, etc. Draw the zones by using the Zone tool (4th on top). Click on the wall points and when you're ready, click Enter.
  4. The last step is to add the desks. Before adding them, you need to make sure that the desk shape in the toolbox is the right size.
  5. Once ready, you can click Finish Design and go to Manage mode.

Floorplan options menu:

  • Upload - using this option you can upload a new image of the floorplan.
  • Rotate - this will help you rotate the already sketched floorplan.
  • Remove background - if you uploaded the wrong floorplan or just want to remove the current background you can do that by clicking this button.
  • Rescale background - this provides the option to rescale the background image only. Clicking this will change your cursor and allow you to create a line on the floorplan and it will show you the equivalent length of that line in real life. On the bottom, you will see a box where you can change that.
  • Rescale everything - this option is going to rescale not only the background image but the scaled floorplan, too. 
  • Move background - this option enables you to move the background anywhere on the screen.

Layers menu: 

In this menu, you can choose which layer you want to exclude or include without changing the actual floorplan. You can choose between the following layers:

  • Floorplan
  • Walls
  • Zones
  • Labels
  • Resources

It is always a good idea to perceive this information by checking our article with a visual representation on how to Edit Floor Plans (Basics)

Once you're done with the Design, you may want to add the Resources and Inventory.

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