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OfficeRnD can automatically import your bookings and map them to the team and member that created them. In this article, you'll find the format we use to import your existing data.


  • Add members that bookings will be associated with. You can import all your existing members as described here.
  • Add and configure meeting rooms under Space/Meeting rooms.
No email notifications will be sent - neither to the admin, nor to the member on whose behalf the booking will be created.


OfficeRnD enables you to import bookings from a CSV file with the following columns. Note that fields marked with '*' are required.

  • Email * - Email of the member who created the booking. Members must exist in the system prior to importing their bookings.
  • Start * - Date and time of the beginning of the booking.
  • End * - Date and time of the end of the booking.
    The Start and End fields should be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm.
  • Meeting room * - Name of the meeting room. It needs to match the meeting room name in OfficeRnD.
  • Title (optional) - Summary of the booking.
  • Description (optional) - Additional information about the booking.
  • Free (yes/no) (optional) - Mark the booking as Free. The default value is No. If set to No, a fee will be created or credits will be allocated.
  • Custom price (optional) for the booking.
  • Extras and their quantities (optional)
You can download a template .CSV file and fill in the columns. Feel free to delete the optional columns (or leave them empty) if you don't need them.

Important Information

  • Make sure to use the exact headers listed above and add an email for every record. Otherwise, your data won't be imported correctly as bookings without a valid email are skipped in the importing phase.
  • Quantity can be omitted (both the column and the value).
  • The plan name cannot be omitted.
  • Bookings for custom resources cannot be imported. 

Get in touch with our support team if you need assistance in importing your bookings or other data.

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