Add a Teammate

This help article will help you add a colleague in OfficeRnD as a part of your admin team.

Add a Teammate

  1. Navigate to Settings/MyAccount
  2. Open the Teammates section.
  3. Click on Add Teammate.
  4. Find the member in the Select Member drop-down. If you can't find their name in the list, click the Add new link below the Contact property field. 
    • Fill out the following details:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Phone
    • Click Add.
  5. Select a Role for your teammate. Each role has different permissions in the admin portal. Learn more about the User Permissions per role.
  6. To add a new permission level, click add new Role
  7. Select one or more Locations or leave empty to grant the teammate permissions to all of your locations.
  8. Click Invite to send an invitation email to your teammate.

When a teammate is invited, they receive an email that lets them log in to the admin side of OfficeR&D and create a password.

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