How Can I Charge Members/Companies?


Members in OfficeRnD can be charged on a recurring basis or once per purchase. The plans you create in OfficeRnD are your de-facto products. Plans can be assigned to a member as recurring memberships or one-off fees.


Charging Recurring Memberships

You can charge your customers on a recurring basis by assigning memberships. OfficeRnD supports 4 types of memberships:

  • Dedicated desk - fixed membership for full-time members that can be assigned to dedicated desks on the floorplan.
  • Hot desk - flexible membership for part-time or full-time members that cannot be assigned to a specific desk.
  • Private office - fixed membership for full-time office rental which can be assigned to a private office on the floor plan.
  • Service - service memberships such as Virtual Offices that cannot be assigned to resources on the floor plan.

If you have enabled automated billing in OfficeRnD, the next billing day of the company will yield a line item in the customer's invoice. Until the membership is canceled, the customer will be charged every month as per the membership's settings. 

Charging One-off Fees

You can charge your customers one-time (non-recurring fee) by adding Fees to their profiles.

Make sure the one-off fee you want to charge the customer for exists as a One-off plan under Billing/Plans.

To add a fee to a member:

  1. Navigate to the member's profile page.
  2. Click Add Fee.
  3. In the Add Fee dialog you can set the following fields:
  • Location (optional, applicable to multi-location organizations only) - Which location this membership is associated with.

  • Product (required) - Choose the one-off product that the member purchases.

  • Name (optional) - By default, the name of the plan is selected. You can personalize it if needed.

  • Quantity (required) - Quantity of the product.  By default, the quantity is 1.

  • Price (required) - Price of the plan. By default, the price of the one-off product is selected.

  • Date (required) - The date when the product is purchased.

  • Status (optional) - The payment status of the purchase. By default, the purchase is marked as Not Paid.

  • Bill in advance (optional) - When this option is checked, the one-off fee will be invoiced with the first automatically created invoice. This happens even if the invoice is issued before the date of purchase of the one-off fee. 

  • Refundable (optional) - When this option is checked, the amount of the one-off fee is automatically added to the default revenue account for deposits (as chosen in Settings/Billing/Accounts).

Generally, the automated bill run invoices the monthly memberships for the new billing period along with the one-off fees purchased before the invoice's issue date. When a fee with a future purchase date has the Bill in advance option selected, the system will be able to invoice it before its purchase date in the new bill run.

OfficeRnD automatically generates one-off fees for bookings that are charged. These one-off fees are invoiced in the next generated invoice.

Charging for Meeting Room Bookings

You can charge customers for meeting room usage. When you define resource rates for the meeting rooms, every booking will be charged with the booking slot charge.

If you want to enable a member to book a specific number of hours free of charge, you can give them booking credits. This will make OfficeRnD use booking credits to charge members only after all their booking credits are used up.

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