Add Rate Discounts to Meeting Room Bookings


OfficeRnD lets you create discounts to enable your members to book meeting rooms (and other bookable resources) at a different rate from non-members. For example, if a room for non-members costs $15/hour, you can create a $5 discount for all members with a specific membership plan.

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Discount Resource Bookings

To create a new discount and apply it to all members on a specific plan, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Billing/Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount and choose to add a Rate Discount.

  3. Select the rates that the discount will be applicable for.
  4. Define the discount amount by setting a Percent Off or Amount Off value.
  5. Give the discount a unique name in the Code field.
  6. Navigate to Billing/Plans and edit the plan that should provide a discount for the bookings.
  7. Select the Billing tab and choose the newly created discount from the Discounts drop-down menu.
  8. Update the plan.


As a result, all members whose memberships are based on the updated plan will get the discount automatically applied when they book the meeting rooms (or any bookable resource) that's controlled by the discounted rate.


Discounts take precedence over coins. In other words, if you give someone a discount and they use coins, the coins will be deducted according to the discount.

This isn't the same for hourly credits, though. When hourly credits are involved, the system deducts them on an hourly basis. 1 credit = 1 hour, regardless of the resource rate.

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