The following steps will help you set up OfficeRnD and eZeep integration.

Ezeep has released a new platform, that we call "eZeep Blue". We do not integrate with that new version. For now we integrate with their original version, that they currently call "Coworking and Education".

The old version is located at https://www.ezeep.com/ezeep-for-coworking-and-education/ 

The new Ezeep app is the one at https://www.ezeep.com/ 

Both versions use separate accounts and you wont be able to use an account from eZeep blue to connect the integration.

How to connect the integration

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" tab, click "Integrations" and look for eZeep.
  2. Click "Activate" and then "Connect." You need to use an administrator eZeep account when you are connecting the integration otherwise it might not function properly! Here is what the authentication dialog looks like

After you "Connect" eZeep to OfficeRnD a window will appear with two tabs:

  • Members Management
  • Fees Management

Members management settings


Initially, the tab will only show the first option "Allow OfficeRND to manage ezeep users".
If you enable this option you'll be able to manage the way your OfficeRND users are synced to ezeep. This means that when the integration synchronizes, all members that fit the sync rules will be added as users in Ezeep and all members that no longer fit the rules will be removed from your Ezeep account.

Once the option is enabled you'll be able to configure the following mappings in order to choose the members that are synced to Ezeep:

  • Plans - all members that have been assigned memberships with the billing plans you choose here will be synced to Eezeep.
    More on billing plans here.

    Note: If a plan is assigned to a company, but a member isn't specified then every member of the company will be synced to Ezeep. If a plan is assigned to a specific member, who is part of a company, only that specific member will be synced to eZeep.
  • Locations - all members with that have been assigned to the select location will be synced to eZeep.
  • Member Statuses - all members that have been assigned the selected status will be synced to eZeep.
    More on member statuses here.
Note:  Any member who matches at least one of the conditions for the mapping will be synced to OfficeRND.


Example: If a member has been assigned to a location that should be synced, but hasn't been assigned one of the chosen plans from the mapping, they will still be synced to eZeep, as they match at least one of the mappings.

Fees management settings


Initially, the tab will only show the first option "Allow OfficeRnD to automatically charge for printing".
If you enable this option OfficeRND will automatically add a one-off fee to the member's profile for each printed page with Ezeep according to the billing plans you specify below.

Here you can map a billing plan for each type of copy that's been used by the member.
The price of 1 copy will be determined by the price of the billing plan.
The copy can be either 1-sided or 2-sided and be one of the following sizes and colours:

  • A4 B&W
  • A4 Color
  • A3 B&W
  • A3 Color
Note: The 2-sided price set here should also be for 1 page, not both sides of the sheet of paper. This means that if you have to print 4 pages and you choose 1-sided printing, you will use up 4 sheets of paper and generate 4  1-sided fees. On the other hand, if you have to print 4 pages and choose 2-sided printing, you will use up 2 sheets of paper and generate 4 2-sided fees. For that reason, it's usually a good practice to set the price of 2-sided printing a bit lower than 1-sided so you can promote using less paper.


Note: Any sizes that aren't specified here will be charged with the A4 billing plan. 
Additionally, if you specify plans only for the A4 size, the A3 size will use the same plans.


Important: If you come across a member not syncing to eZeep, please check this help article
Note: If you change the name of the organization slug this will cause all webhooks registered with 3rd party systems (like ezeep) to not work as once you change the org slug the URLs are not valid anymore.
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