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The following steps will help you set up the OfficeRnD integration with Salto KS.

Before You Begin

Note: The integration synchronizes automatically every 15 minutes.

Note: After the initial sync the email and phone numbers are not synced/updated between OfficeRnD and the door access integration.

Note: The integration allows you to invite users to Salto KS, where they can register. This gives users the ability to use the Salto KS mobile app - if you'd like to link their access with a physical key, you've to assign it manually to them in Salto KS. 

Connecting The Integration

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab, click on ‘Integrations’ (left-hand side of the panel), and look for Salto KS.

2. Click Add and (optionally) enter the locations you want to activate Salto KS for. Or leave the field blank to activate for all locations. When you're finished, click on the Add button.

add ks integ.png

3. Make sure your Salto KS account is activated and then click ‘Connect.'


4. In the following dialog, enter your credentials in order to authorize Flex to communicate with your Salto KS account.

ks login.png

5. A 'Setup Salto KS Connection' window will appear where you will have to select the 'Salto KS Site' you want to connect from the drop-down menu. Click Done when you're finished.


Creating an Access Group in Salto KS

This needs to be done over in Salto KS.

  1. Click "Add Access Group.
  2. Click "Add People".
    Note: Here you should add at least 1 person in order for the access group to be created.
    This should be one of the admins of the space as this will grant them access until they're manually removed from the group in Salto. 
  3. Choose the locks that you'd like to be associated with the access group, i.e the doors that people will have access to if they're associated with this group.
  4. Set "Define Time Frame" to "Always" in order for OfficeRND to determine who gets access based on the mapping that you'll do in the integration settings later.

Configuring The Integration Settings

After you click 'Configure' the following window will pop up:


This window presents you with six tabs, each one allowing you to map different OfficeRnD entities to Groups in Salto KS. Each different entity mapping serves a certain purpose.


The first tab allows you to map a Plan (you can manage plans by going to Billing -> Plans) in OfficeRnD to an access group in Salto KS. Once you create such a mapping, you are basically telling OfficeRnD: "Every time someone is assigned a membership with this plan, give them access to the following access groups".

add plans.png

Access will be automatically granted or revoked depending on when a membership starts or ends. Plan mappings are most often used with the so-called "Hot desk" plans to grant members access to a common area where those desks reside. However, smaller spaces use them to map "Dedicated desk" plans as well.

Note: Members will only be added to Salto KS once their membership becomes active. They will not appear in Salto KS or receive an invitation before that.

Note: If the membership does not have a member assigned, access will be granted to the whole team.


The second tab lets you map Locations (you can manage locations by going to Space -> Locations) to Salto KS access groups. Location mappings work a lot like floor mappings. Whenever you assign a membership to a desk in a mapped location the member will get access to the access groups mapped.

Example: On the screenshot below London is mapped to "Access Group 1. This means that if we go and assign a membership belonging to Joe to a desk on any floor in "London", we will grant Joe access to "Access Group 1" in Salto KS.

london ac 1.png

Note: If the membership does not have a member assigned, access will be granted to the whole team.


The Floors tab allows you to map floors (you can manage floors by going to Space -> Locations) to access groups. Mappings here work like this: assigning a membership to a desk on a certain floor will grant access to all mapped groups. To make things clearer here is an example.

Example: On the screenshot below, "Floor 1" in London is mapped to "Access Group 1". This means that if we go and assign a membership belonging to Joe to a desk on "Floor 1" in "London", we will grant Joe access to "Access Group 1" in Salto KS.


Note: If the membership does not have a member assigned, access will be granted to the whole team.

Assignable Resources

The fourth tab allows you to map Assignable Resources (such as dedicated desks) to access levels. If your company has a membership assigned to the resource, the member will have access to that resource on that access level.


Note: If the membership does not have a member assigned, access will be granted to the whole team.

Bookable Resources

The fifth tab allows you to map Bookable Resources to Salto KS groups. Settings here take effect whenever someone creates a booking for a mapped resource.

Example: John books a meeting room through the OfficeRnD Members portal, or an admin creates a booking on behalf of John through the Admin portal (by going to the "Calendar" view and clicking on an empty slot) for "Meeting Room London". When the time of the booking approaches, John is granted access to the access groups mapped to that room. When the booking ends, John's access is revoked.

Note: Inviting a guest to a booking will grant them door access, based on the meeting room mappings that you have in your door access integration. You can add guests to bookings as an admin or as an employee. You can also learn more about the difference between guests and visitors.

acc groups.png

Day Passes

The last tab allows you to indicate what access users with Day Passes will get. Each member or team that has day passes will get access to the access groups mapped in this tab. Their access will be revoked once all the day passes are used up or when their validity ends.

saltoks dp.png

After clicking ‘Done’ you are all set up to start using the OfficeRnD and Salto KS integration.


Once you map a Salto KS access group to an entity in OfficeRnD, the Salto KS access group becomes solely manageable by OfficeRnD. This means that even if you go to your Salto KS dashboard and add a member manually, they will be removed if they are not supposed to have access according to OfficeRnD configuration.

This is why we recommend prefixing the names of your Salto KS access groups managed by OfficeRnD with "OFFICERND_". This way it will be more obvious to you that this group is connected to OfficeRnD.

Please note that OfficeRnD does not delete any member accounts in Salto KS - we do revoke their access once their membership ends or they no longer have any day passes left, but the account of the customer does not get removed in Salto KS.


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