How to Delete a Company/Member


Usually deleting a company or a member is not a good idea, as you will lose historical data for your space. However, if you have test data or mistakenly created a member, then you might need to remove them.‎ 

Delete a Company

 In such cases, follow this procedure to remove the member:

  1. Open up the profile of the company or the member in the admin portal of OfficeRnD Flex.
  2. Click the Cancel membership button from the Cogwheel button:
    cancel mm.png
  3. Confirm the operation by setting an end date for all customer memberships:


    If you want to keep the company history in your OfficeRnD account, stop here. If you are absolutely sure you want to remove the company, you can instead select to delete the company with all its history.
  4. Click the Delete Company button from the Cogwheel button at the top left. A dialog will pop up which will allow you to confirm the operation.

Delete a Member

If you want to delete an individual member who is not part of a company, you can follow the exact same steps as you would delete a company.

If you want to delete a member, who is part of a company, you can do it directly from the Members widget in the company profile page:


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  • Go to users (not members), click on the user name, click on actions (box on right of user name) and click on delete.


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