What are Day Passes?


Day passes help you manage access to your space for casual drop-ins or members that are not using your space every day. Day passes are tightly coupled with check-ins. A check-in/check-out pair is what defines a single day pass usage.

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Day Passes

A member can receive day passes through one of the following ways:

  • During Sign-up - purchasing a one-off plan that grants day passes will enable the Use Day Passes option in a member's profile. This ensures their passes will be deducted when they check-in, even if they are active members.
  • Memberships and Plans with Day Passes - The Use Day Passes setting will automatically be enabled in the member's profile. When a membership or one-off plan that grants day passes is assigned to a member by an admin.
  • Manually granted - An admin can manually add day passes to a member profile. However, adding day passes manually will not automatically enable the Use Day Passes setting. If it's not enabled, members will not use up their day passes.

Half-day passes

Half-day passes are available for check-ins that last half (or less) of an organization's business hours. For example, if a workday is set at 8 hours, and a member checks in for 4 (or less) hours, they can use half of a day pass instead of its entirety. The remaining half can be used in the same way. 

To use half-day passes, navigate to Settings/Resource types. Click on the Hotdesk resource and change the Check-in mode to Half-day. Note that this is a global setting which will enable half-day passes for all check-ins and resources assigned to a membership plan.


If a member has an active membership and Half-day mode is enabled, checking in for less than half the business hours of the organization will take only 0.5 day pass.

This option can be used by both admin and members, following the check-ins procedure.

It is advisable to have the plan clearly state if it enables half-day passes.

Day Pass Types

Day passes can be either one-time or recurring.

When One-time day passes are added to a member's profile, they will remain available until used up.

Recurring day passes will grant a set number of day passes at the start of each month. These Day Passes will remain active until the end of the month, or until used up. At the start of the next month, a new set of day passes will be added that can be used within that month. 

How To Add Day Passes

There are two ways to add day passes - manually, or through a Billing Plan. Both approaches are described below.

Important: when you grant Day Passes to a Company Member, all Day Passes granted to any Member of the Company will be available to any Member of that Company. The day passes of all members will be summed up and displayed under the Company's profile. Only members with the Use day passes option enabled would use up these day passes, however.

Add Day Passes Manually

To add day passes to a profile manually, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Member or Company profile.
  2. Expand the right-hand details and find the Day Passes section and use the + button:
  3. In the dialogue that pops up, fill in the following details:
    • Day Passes - Enter the number of day passes you'd like to grant.
    • Interval - Select either the Once or Month option:
      • Once - The number of Day Passes will be added as a one-time batch. They will remain active until used up.
      • Month - The number of Day Passes will be added to the customer's profile at the start of each month. Note that these passes will remain active only for the current month. A new batch will be added for every month. Unused passes from the previous month won't carry over.
    • Valid From - Select the date on which the Day Passes become valid. They cannot be used before that date. Monthly Day Passes will only be granted from that date onwards.
    • To - Select the date on which the Day Passes become invalid. All active monthly day passes will become invalid after that date.

Grant Active Status

If this setting is enabled, Flex will grant Active status to members who have a minimum of 1 valid day pass as part of One-off plans. This will impact:

  • All members of a company, in case the company has Day Passes coming from a one-off plan with the “Grant Active Status” setting enabled and the plan is not assigned to a specific member. The company should not have its status changed.
  • Only a single member of a company, in case the Day Passes are created by a one-off plan or fee assigned to a specific member. The statuses of the other members in the same company should not be dependent on the setting.

What if there are no valid day passes?

The Active status will change to the system’s default status (Drop-in) once the member doesn’t have access to valid day passes. Learn more about member statuses.

Add Day Passes as a Part of a Billing Plan

You can add Day Passes as part of a monthly plan, or as a one-off service. Day passes added as a monthly membership will be granted monthly. Passes purchased as a one-off fee will be active until used up.

Here's a step-by-step guide on adding Day Passes to a Billing Plan:

  1. Create a Billing Plan. The steps are the same for One-off and Monthly plans.
  2. Find the Passes tab.
  3. Enter the number of Passes that you would like to add and (optional) specify a validity period between 1 and 12 months.
  4. Hit Add or Update if you're making changes to an existing plan.
Making changes to existing plans will not add the Day Pass allowance to already existing memberships. Only newly added Memberships and One-off Fees will grant the selected number of day passes.
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