Contact Person & Billing Person Permissions

Member Roles in a Company

Each company in OfficeRnD has members in it and each member can have one of the following roles:

  • Billing person - This is the member who will receive all invoices raised for this company. You can also use his/her name in the invoice template by using the {{recipient}} expression. 

  • Contact person - Those are all the people you wish to be able to change the company details and also view all data related to the company. Company details include InvoicesPayment detailsBilling detailsMemberships, and Products. Members with a Contact person role will also be able to buy new memberships and products on behalf of the company.

    If a booking is associated only with the company (not with the company and a member), only contact and billing persons will be able to see these bookings.
    Contact and billing persons can also see bookings from other members, whereas standard members can only see their own bookings.

    If the company has new employees that they'd like to add as new members in the system, this can be initiated by either the billing person and/or the contact person. In their profile in the members portal, they'll be able to see all members of their company and add new ones.

    Please keep in mind that adding a member does not automatically grant them access to the members portal. A notification is sent out to your admin team and you can check if they should be invited to the portal or not.

  • Team member - All people who are employed by that company and should not see any sensitive information related to the company. Those people usually use the Portal to explore the community, book meeting rooms, see all available events, and so on. Learn more about how to add a team member here.
TIP: To send invoices to the billing person, navigate to Settings/Invoicing and add the Billing Person as a recipient under the We'll email invoices to section.

How do I Mark a Member as a Billing/Contact Person?

When you navigate to a company profile, you can see all members that belong to that company in the Members grid. On the left side of each member, you will notice a star-like icon. When clicked, a drop-down menu will appear with the option to mark the member as a Contact person.

Once the member is marked as a contact person, a new option will be added to the drop-down so you can also mark the member as a Billing person.


NOTE: You can also set the role of each member when you create or edit their profile. Every company employee can be marked as a contact person and any contact person can be marked as a billing person as well.

The meaning of the color of the star-like icon is as follows:

  • White - Team member / Employee
  • Yellow - the member is a Contact person
  • Dark red - the member is a Billing person and possibly a Contact person. You can check this by clicking on the star and seeing what is checked.

What do Admins See When Logged into the Portal?

All people who are part of the Admin organization will be considered by default as Contact persons. This means that if you are part of the admin team in OfficeRnD you will be able to change all information related to the Admin company.

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