Check-Ins and Presence Report

One of the best tools to improve a coworking space is awareness of the clients' needs and habits. OfficeRnD offers a good way to take a look at your member's check-ins and duration of stay.

Check-Ins Report

The Check-ins Report is available under Reports/Checkins.


The page offers a report on the month's member check-ins and presence. It holds information about each member that checked in for the month, the total days they checked in, and the total hours they spent on their location's premises. The report has three columns that offer different information:

  1. Name - the first column of the report displays the name, status, and the default location for each member that checked in for the month. A click on the member's name will redirect to their profile, offering a quick way to look into that member's details.
  2. Checkins - the second column of the report offers a quick view of the total number of days a member has checked in. A click on that number allows reviewing the check-in dates, hours of check-in and check-out, duration of stay, and the location the member checked into.
  3. Total Hours - the last column can be used to see a member's total monthly duration of stay in hours and minutes. 

OfficeRnD stores this information and each month's report is readily available.

Presence Report

OfficeRnD allows the export of the member's check-in data. These reports are with the CSV extension and can be opened in Microsoft Excell or Google Sheets. There are two reports that can be downloaded from the Export button:

  1. Checkin Report by Day - this report offers a breakdown of the number of check-ins and members that checked in for each day of the month. It contains three columns - Date, Number of checkins and Members:
    a. Date- All of the dates of the selected month
    b. Number of check-ins - The number of check-ins for each date of the month
    c. Members - The name of the members who checked in during the day
  2. Presence Report per Member - this report offers a breakdown of check-in count and the total duration of stay for each member. It contains 5 columns- Member, Team, Number of check-ins, Duration, Total hours:
    a. Member- the name of the member
    b. Team- the company that the member is a part of
    c. Number of check-ins- the number of check-ins for the selected month
    d. Duration- duration of the check-ins for the month in words
    e. Total Hours- duration of the check-ins for the month in numbers
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