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Set Up Revenue Targets

The OfficeR&D Space management module allows you to set revenue targets for your space on 3 different levels. Each higher level overrides the ones bellow Location>Floor>Resource. That means that if you have a Floor Target, it will override any Resource target and Location Target will override both.

Resource Target

Every resource (desk, private office, etc) can have a target plan which specifies the type of product this resource is suitable for and the target price if different from the plan price.

Based on the resource targets, OfficeRnD will calculate automatically the floor and location target by summing up all resources.

You can set the resource target when you open the resource (click the cog icon next to the resource and select 'Edit'):



Floor Target

Alternatively, you can set a monthly target on a floor level.

Go to 'Space' and click on the cogwheel icon next to the floor or the location, then select 'Edit'. In the dialog you will be able to set the Target property as follows:


When you set monthly floor targets, the location monthly target will be calculated as the sum of all floor targets.


Location Target

The third option is to set a monthly target per location. This is set by going to Spaces and clicking on a location to open its settings. When applying a location target you can define the period it applies to. 


Revenue (Cash) Occupancy

Once you set revenue targets to your resources, floor or locations, you will be able to track the so-called Revenue (Cash) Occupancy. It shows the difference between the Target Revenue vs. Projected Revenue per location or for all your locations.

You can track the Revenue Occupancy on your main dashboard:


Or you can go to 'Dashboard / Revenue' and scroll to the bottom to see your Revenue Occupancy for the next 3 months.


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