How We Calculate Occupancy

Occupancy is one of the most important KPIs in a shared flexible workspace. Keeping high occupancy rates will ensure that your community and business is healthy. Usually, good occupancy rates are between 70% and 90%. It's often that below 70% you are at risk of operating at a loss. Above 90% is dangerous for your community due to the fact that your members will not have space to expand.

You can find an overview of your current occupancy under Dashboard/Occupancy and a detailed report under Reports/Occupancy
This article explains more about the data available in Dashboard/Occupancy. If you would like to see more details about the Occupancy Report, please take a look at this help article.

Current Occupancy

We calculate the current occupancy based on your 'Primary' resource types, which by default are Private Offices, Dedicated desks, and Hotdesks.

You can also create custom resource types that can have their own occupancy on the dashboard. Learn more here.


The formula works as follows: Occupied Desks / Total Number of Desks

  • Occupied Desks = (# of occupied desks in private offices) + (# of occupied dedicated desks) + (# of Active hotdesk memberships / Hot Desk Coefficient)
  • Total Number of Desks = (# private office desks) + (# of dedicated desks) + (# of hotdesks)

For example, Occupied desks = 75 + 10 + 8 = 93, Total number of desks = 101, thus the Occupancy is 93 / 101 = 92%.

Historical and Future Occupancy

The historical and future occupancy is using the same formula but applied at the end of each month.


NOTE: You can turn on and off every resource type on the graph and see the occupancy for the selected types.

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