[Legacy] Invoiced Revenue


This Legacy report will remain accessible until the close of 2024.

The Invoiced Revenue Report shows revenue based on the invoices and credit notes you have in OfficeRnD. It provides more detailed information about the invoiced revenue of your space per month.

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Invoiced Revenue Report

The report can display different months, depending on the period that was selected. Each month will appear as a separate column that displays data about that month's revenue.

Each row of the report represents one of the organization's clients. The first row displays the summarized revenue for all of the space's clients. The rows are split into four different sections:

  1. Total - This section displays the client's name and a summary of the revenue for that client for each month. If any month has overdue invoices, the Overdue tag will appear next to the company's name.
  2. Credit Total - This section displays the total credit that was invoiced for the company. The credit is deducted from the total revenue for the month.
  3. Paid Total - This section displays the total of the paid invoices this company has. It will include any partially paid amounts as well.
  4. Not Paid - This section displays the total value of unpaid invoices. The total value of invoices that have been issued, but have not passed their Due Date will appear in red text. The total value of invoices that have passed their Due Date without being paid will appear as white text with a red background.
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