Resources Utilization


Allocating resources and monitoring their use over time is crucial for your business. The utilization of meeting rooms by average booking duration, total booking hours, and amount of bookings per month can provide useful insights and help improve the customer experience.

Resources Utilization Report

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The Resources Utilization Report offers information about the usage of your meeting rooms (and other bookable resources) based on the bookings made through a given period of time. You can search for a specific resource using the search bar and you can filter the data by period (From - To).

The data is presented in a table where each row represents a single resource. A row contains the following columns:



Name The name of the resources.

The meeting room utilization (in percentages) for the currently selected month.

The percentages are calculated by taking into account all working days within the selected month and the total hours booked for the resource, in relation to the working days.

Booking Hours The total amount of hours booked for the selected month.
Total Bookings  The number of bookings made during the selected month.
Average Booking Duration The average booking duration in the selected month.

Exporting the Resource Utilization Report

You can export the Resource Utilization Report as a .CSV spreadsheet file. Simply click on the Export button export.png available on the top-right of the page.

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