Occupancy Legacy Report [Old]

The Occupancy report is one of the most advanced and detailed reports designed specifically for serviced and flexible workspaces.

The report shows the selected resources' availability and key metrics as well as aggregated data based on each resource contract and/or membership.

Occupancy Report

The Occupancy Report is available under Reports/Occupancy. The report shows data about the resources' contract & membership information over the selected period. A specific range can be chosen by using the date pickers on the top left of the page, as well as the resource type.

The occupancy report has several total rows, giving very aggregated information:

  • List price - the total target revenue (list price) of all resources from the selected type;
  • License Revenue - the total pro-rated revenue of all contracts/memberships associated with the selected resources;
  • Target - The sum of the target of all resources from the selected resource type. I f a location target has been set, it will show here instead;
  • Difference - the difference between the Revenue of the selected resource type vs. the Target revenue of all resources (in Numbers);
  • Revenue as % of Target (Cash Occupancy)- the difference between the Revenue of the selected resource type vs. the Target revenue of all resources (in %);
  • Occupied Desks - the number of occupied units for each month;

    Note: If you're seeing 2 numbers in the occupied desks section, e.g 2(4), the number in the brackets denotes that not all desks were occupied throughout the whole month(there was a membership that ended in the middle of the month for example.

  • Occupied Desks Rate - the average price of sold (occupied) unit (desk); 
  • Revenue as % of List - a.k.a Revenue Occupancy - the difference between the Monthly revenue vs. the Target revenue of all resources;
  • Desk Occupancy - the occupancy calculated based on the size of the resource in units (desks);


Following after the Total rows is the list of all resources from the specified resource type. For each resource, you will be able to see their monthly:

  • Target - the first price in bold is the monthly target of the resource;
  • Actual - the actual value of the contract/membership for the specified month;
  • Difference - the positive or negative difference between the Target and the Actual;

For each resource, the report will also show the Location, Size (in units and area), as well as the Contracts/Memberships associated with the resource.


Exporting the data

You can export the data to a CSV file that can be opened with Microsoft Excell or Google Sheets and similar programs. To download the CSV file click the export button available on the top-right of the page.


Report Colors

There are several colors that you'd see on the report for each resource, depending on the occupancy throughout the months.

  • Very light green means "Reserved" - the resource will be occupied in the future.
  • Light green means "Available soon" - the resource becomes "available soon" in the last three months of the membership.
  • Dark green means "Available" - when the resource is available.


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