OfficeRnD Step-by-Step Onboarding


Welcome to OfficeRnD! Our team has created a series of step-by-step video guides that will walk you through the onboarding process. We recommend that you follow the steps outlined below in order to set up your system in the most efficient way. Let's get started below!

I. Setup Your Account
Let's start by setting up your basic profile information and creating the membership plans to bill your members on a reoccurring basis. After these have been created, we can begin adding your members and companies into the system.

Set Up Your Account: Set up your profile by entering your account information and billing info.

Invite Your Teammates: Invite your team members into the portal so they can help you setup!

Create Billing Plans: Create plans and products for your members so that you can charge them on a recurring or one-off basis.

II. Setup Your Meeting Rooms
Next we will review how to set up your meeting rooms and rates, and show you how to build a public meeting calendar for guests and members. Let's jump right in!

Define Your Operating Hours: Setup your hours of operation and time/date within the system.

Booking and Cancellation Policies: Set booking and cancellation policies for your meeting rooms.

Add Your Meeting Rooms: Add your meeting rooms into the system and update room details.

Create a Public Booking Calendar (optional): Create a public calendar that users can book from.

Book a Meeting Room: Book a meeting room from the administrator portal.


III. Billing & Integrations
Billing settings are the most important part of the setup and control how you will invoice and charge your members on a monthly basis.

Configure Billing Settings: Review and edit your billing settings to determine when and how your members will be billed each month.

Connect Your Integrations: Connect OfficeRnD to the apps you love to better manage and automate your workspace.


VI. Brand Your Member Experience
For this portion of the training we will focus on building out your member portal, signup page, and public-facing email messaging to make sure that it all aligns with your brand. We will also review setting up the terms and conditions for your space.

Design Your Member Portal: Customize your Member Portal to match your unique brand and style.

Customize Member Emails: Adjust the messaging that will go out to your clients when certain actions are performed within the portal.

Set Up Terms & Conditions: Add in your Terms & Conditions for your members to read and accept before they join your space.

Enabling a Public Signup Page: Create a page for public users to sign up for membership plans from your website.


V. Member Management
Now that we have created the foundation for our space, we can begin to apply our membership plans and invite members to the portal. 

Add Companies and Members: Add companies and members into our system, or import pre-existing members from a CSV file.

Assign Membership to Your Customers: Apply your membership plans to your members to charge them on a reoccurring monthly basis.

Add and Charge an Invoice: Manually raise an invoice to charge your customers for recurring and one-off fees when necessary.

Invite Your Members to the Portal: After their membership has been configured you can invite members into the portal so they can book rooms and pay bills!


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