Accounting Integration Sync Errors

OfficeRnD can be integrated with QuickBooks and Xero. The integration ensures smoother operations for your accounting team. However, sometimes when you sync invoices you might encounter errors caused by different reasons, such as incorrect data in the customer profile or an invalid operation due to limitations imposed by the status of the document in the accounting system. Use the next table as a guide towards resolving some of those errors.

Error Summary Solution

Web Site URL does not have the correct format.

Check the customer profile in OfficeRnD. The URL value should be updated to a proper URL address or entirely removed.

The name supplied already exists. Another customer, vendor or employee is already using this name. Please use a different name.

Verify that the customer record exists only once on the accounting system side. This error usually comes up if the customer is entered as a vendor as well.

The customer you have specified has been deleted. You cannot create or edit a transaction with a deleted customer.

The contact with the specified contact details has been archived. The contact must be un-archived before creating new invoices or credit notes.

This error indicates that there used to be a profile for the customer in the accounting system and it no longer exists in its original state. This might be caused by:

  • the name of the customer is changed and it no longer matches the name of the company in OfficeRnD. In this case, you can solve the issue by updating the name of the customer in one of the systems so they can match.
  • the customer profile is archived. In this case, you can solve the issue by un-archiving the profile in the accounting system.

In both cases, you need to disconnect the customer profile in OfficeRnD from the accounting system using the Disconnect button at the top of their Billing Details section. This will enable OfficeRnD to either re-match the existing profiles of the customer or create a new profile for the customer in the accounting system.


Invoice not of valid status for modification. 

Credit Note not of valid status for modification.

This error indicates that the status of the document in the accounting system doesn't allow any modifications to be applied to it.

That mostly happens if the invoice is voided. To complete the sync operation, un-void the invoice in the accounting system.

This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it. This error indicates that a payment or a credit note is allocated to the invoice in the accounting system. As the invoice is considered paid and the payment/credit note operation has occurred outside of OfficeRnD, the system cannot complete the sync operation.
Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document. If you have allocated an overpayment to an invoice in the accounting system, OfficeRnD will be unable to sync it as it doesn't yet support overpayments. You can enter a manual payment in OfficeRnD to mark the invoice as paid and disable it from syncing with the accounting system in the future.
Bank account status invalid for payment creation This error comes up when you enter a payment of a type that cannot be synced in the accounting system. It indicates a problem with the Payment Accounts mapping in the accounting system integration configuration in OfficeRnD. To resolve the error, you need to map the invoice payment type to a proper account in the accounting system.

Business Validation Error: The type of name assigned to this transaction (customer, vendor, employee) is wrong



Please make sure that the company/member has been synced to the correct contact in QuickBooks. If you go to the company/member's profile under "Integrations" you'll be able to see the name and email of the contact in QuickBooks to which the ORND profile has been connected. If it's not the correct one, click Disconnect and then click Connect. From the newly opened window, you'll be able to select contacts in QuickBooks to which to connect the ORND profile.
[Xero] A contact must be specified for this type of transaction

This error pops up when you try to sync an invoice where the contact is removed from Xero for some reason. OfficeRnD is trying to get connected to a previously existing contact in Xero which doesn't exist anymore.

Check why the customer was removed? To fix the issue, try creating a contact in Xero with the same email address of the member and try syncing the invoice again.

[Xero] Payments can only be made against authorized documents

This happens if the invoice was originally synced to Xero as "on account" or unpaid, and the status of the invoice is set to Draft in Xero. You will either need to change the settings for on-account invoices in Timely or approve the invoice in Xero.

[Xero] Unable to sync payment. Тhere are missing payment accounts mappings between Xero and OfficeRnD. Fix this in your Xero integration configuration

This error will appear if the Xero integration is configured to "All Locations" but your payment integration is configured for one location or not for "All Locations". For example, if your payment integration is configured to Location A, make sure that payment integration is configured to Location A as well. 

[Xero] Account code 'XXX' is not a valid code for this document

This error appears if you have mapped a payment account from OfficeRnD to anything else but a Revenue payment account in Xero. You need to map this account correctly to one of type Revenue in Xero, in order to fix this.

[Xero] The document cannot be edited as it is currently dated before the period lock date, currently set at ...

When your accounting team applies a lock date in Xero, all sync operations on invoices with an Issue Date prior to the lock date, are disabled.

[Xero] You have reached the limit of invoices you can approve.

You need to upgrade your Xero pricing plan if you want to sync additional invoices. If you get this error without reaching the invoice limit, get in touch with Xero support.

[QuickBooks]  Inv no. failed to sync with error: Duplicate Document Number Error: You must specify a different number. This number has already been used.


This error will appear if there's already an existing invoice with the same number in QuickBooks.
OfficeRnD cannot establish a connection between an invoice in OfficeRND and an already existing invoice in QuickBooks.
Please make sure that you create invoices in OfficeRND first, then after they're synced they'll also exist in QuickBooks.

[QuickBooks] Invalid Reference Id: Names element id not found



This can occur when the company/member has been deleted in QuickBooks. Disconnect the company/member by going to their profile and clicking the "Disconnect" button. After that sync the document, the sync should be successful and the company will be connected to QuickBooks again.

[QuickBooks] Object Not Found: TxnType does not match read: Payroll Check expected: Invoice

The QuickBooks integration doesn't support adding refunds in credit notes.
You should see our article here on how you can record a refund in OfficeRND and then reconcile with QuickBooks.

[QuickBooks] Object Not Found: Something you're trying to use has been made inactive. Check the fields with accounts, customers, items, vendors, or employees.

Make sure that the document you're trying to sync with QuickBooks hasn't already been manually deleted there. If it has - create it anew with the same name as the document in OfficeRND and then try to sync again.

[QuickBooks] INA-10445 failed to sync with error: CustomerRef is missing in the request

A generic error could be caused(but is not limited to) by:
-check if the company/member already exists in QuickBooks under some form and make sure unique emails are used.

-make sure that if you have a URL set in the company profile in OfficeRnD the URL is valid.

-make sure the currencies match between Flex and QuickBooks.

[Xero] Payments can only be made against Authorised documents

If the invoice is synced from OfficeRnD to Xero with status Draft, you add a payment to the invoice in OfficeRnD and try to sync it, this error will appear.
Please first approve the invoice in Xero and then sync it, so the payment can reflect in Xero.


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