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Members Portal Pages


OfficeRnD Members portal is an advanced web application that allows you to customize the default pages (modules), menus, and widgets and at the same time allows to add custom pages and menu items.

Default Pages

The default available menus in the member portal depend on the status of the person that's logged in. We can divide this into two groups : Active and Non-Active.


Non-Active :


Non-Active members have access to fewer things.

  • Dashboard - Includes your Welcome picture, as well as quick view menus on the right for your Bookings and Tickets(disabled by default), as well as How To Guides
  • Meeting Rooms Calendar - calendar that will allow your members to book rooms
  • Hotdesk Calendar - calendar that will allow your members to book desks (disabled by default)
  • Billing - billing section with several subsections, including Invoices, Payments Details, Membership, One-Off Fees and Credits.
  • Account - a section that includes several subsections, including  Profile, Bookings, Tickets, Terms and Conditions.
  • Events - split by current and past, the events module will allow your members to see all events and eventually RSVP
  • Shop - Contains plans and one-off fees to purchase. (disabled by default).
  • How To Guides - Includes the added how to guides for each location



Active members have access to everything the Non-Active have, plus:

  • Dashboard - Active members Dashboard includes the public feed where members can see posts from admins or other members.
  • Members - This section is a directory where you can view a list of Members or Companies using the coworking space.
  • Messages - A page that allows you to send messages to other members or read ones you received. (disabled by default)
  • About Us - Additional information for each location as well as the admins managing the coworking space.
  • Benefits - A list of benefits that members have access to.



How to Manage Available Pages

  • Navigate to Settings/Apps/Member Pages.
  • Check and uncheck the options listed there to control which pages and functions are available for members on the members portal
  • Change the title, icon and order of the pages  by using the cogwheel next to each page and clicking Edit . Pages with the same number entered are ordered alphabetically. This can be done under the Main Menu and Personal Menus sections.




Custom Pages

Custom pages are additional pages you can add that are only visible to Active members.

To create a custom page:

  • Navigate to Settings / Apps / Members Pages
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click Add Page



OfficeRnD lets you also create the following types of custom pages:

  • Calendar Page - you can create a custom calendar page that shows the availability of any resource type
  • Member Wall Page - you can create a custom wall page that shows contacts from your members' database with a specific tag or status
  • Static Page - you can create a simple HTML page with custom content
  • External (Embedded) Page - you can create an iFrame-based page that embeds into your Members portal
Note: Please be aware that loading the page in the Mobile app could be disrupted in case there are issues with the domain's SSL.

There are several placeholders that you can put in the external page URL (surrounded by double curly braces - {{placeholderName}}).
With those placeholders, you can create a query string that shows a more personalized page based on the member details.
The placeholders are -  memberName, memberId, companyName, companyId, token.

The token placeholder will be replaced with a token string, which can be used to pass an Authorization header to call some APIs on behalf of the member.



Important: The Member Portal is not supported on Internet Explorer.
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