Ezidebit is a payment gateway that lets your members pay services and memberships directly from OfficeRnD using a Direct Debit. Before we dive into details, you might want to check what other payment gateway integrations we offer.

Activate Ezidebit Integration

  1. If you don’t have an Ezidebit account, go to https://www.ezidebit.com/ and create one.
  2. Open https://app.officernd.com and navigate to Settings/Integrations in your organization.
  3. Find Ezidebit as an option under Payment Gateways and enable it. 


Note: If you have multiple locations, you can set different configuration for each one of them or one configuration to all of them. 

      4. Next, you will need to get a Public Key and a Digital Key from Ezidebit. You need to reach out to Ezidebit's team and they would need to send both keys to you.

Note: You can use the same Public and Digital Keys for all of the different locations (if there are any).

      5. Go to Settings/Integrations, open the integration's Configurations and enter both keys.


      6. Hit Done and the integration should be connected.

Important: The connection that we make between OfficeRnD and Ezidebit is based on the email address of a member. As long as it is the same across both systems, their payment information will sync.


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