The Difference between a Billing Plan and a Membership?

Billing Plan – Billing plans are a pricing model that describes a specific resource or service you offer to your members or the general public. They can provide a number of benefits, such as booking credits or day passes. You can also specify whether a certain plan requires the person or company to purchase it to make a deposit. A detailed walkthrough on how to set up a billing plan can be found here.

Membership – A membership is your members' subscription to a billing plan. It assigns a billing plan you’ve already set up to a specific member or company. You can learn more about assigning memberships by following this link.

What are the default Billing Plan Types

  • Private Office
  • Hotdesk
  • Office Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Service

How to add a plan for a bookable resource

If you want to create a resource, that's bookable, you can do that by setting up a Resource Rate, instead of a Billing Plan. This is a link containing information on how you can create one. There are different rates that can be specified, e.g hourly, and daily. Resource Rates are usually used for meeting rooms, but can also be used for any other resource that you want your members to be able to book.

Creating custom plan types

If you don't want to use the default plan types or would like to add more types, you can do that by following this guide.

What's Next

After you create a Billing Plan, you will need to create a Resource to which you can apply the plan.

We recommend creating a Billing Plan before you add any Resources to your Space. When you are adding a Resource, you get the option to select a Target Plan for it. The Target Plan creates a connection between a specific Resource and a Billing Plan, which allows the system to automatically detect what type of membership can be assigned to that resource.


You can find the steps that will guide you through the process of adding Resources here.



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