How to export OfficeRnD Data

General Information

OfficeRnD allows you to export different data from the Community module, such as reports, invoices, members, etc. The exported file will be in .CSV spreadsheet format.

To export data, navigate to the area containing the data you wish to export (e.g members, companies, memberships, users, reports). If you wish to export only certain entries, select them by ticking the checkbox next to them as shown in the image below:


If there aren't any selected entries, the export will contain all relevant data.

If you are exporting invoices, you must select at least one invoice for the export button to appear.

Once you have chosen the entries you wish to export, press the export button in the top right corner:

Using an Export Preset

Export presets can be used to export data from invoices in a specific format.

Export presets can be added by navigating to Settings -> Billing-> Export Settings, and clicking on the Add preset button in the top right corner.


Once you do that a window will pop-up. There you can specify the following options:

  •  Name (required) - input a name for the export.
  •  Columns (required) - add columns that will contain different exported information from the invoices. The options include Description, Quantity, Discount, Tax, Tax rate, Location name, Location code, etc.
  • Custom Date format - input the way that you wish to see that exported dates in the columns, such as DD-MM-YYYY; MM-DD-YYYY; or other variations.
  • Custom line numbering - The LineNumber column adds alternative numbering for the exported items. The default numbering starts from 1.
  • Custom file header - The custom header will be added before the exported content in the .csv file. You can use `,` (comma) to add headers for each column. 


Once you have created the export preset you can use it to export data from invoices by navigating to Billing->Invoices.

  1. Click select the invoices you wish to export and click on the export button.
  2. The new window that will open offers a couple of options.
  3. Then select "Use an export preset" and from the dropdown menu and select the preset that you wish to use.


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