Why a Member Does Not Sync to Ezeep

When a member does not get added to eZeep, even though it looks like they should be, it is possible that they are already in your eZeep account. If that happens, there are a couple of steps we would recommend to make sure their eZeep account is properly connected to their OfficeRnD member:

  1. Verify your eZeep Rules - Before you look for the member in your eZeep account, we recommend verifying the rules per which the eZeep integration synchronizes members. You can review them from Settings/Integrations, in the eZeep Configurations. If the member fits at least one of the rules, they should be automatically added to eZeep. You can find more information about how to set these rules up in our article on how to Set Up Integration with eZeep
  2. Find out if the client was added to eZeep before the OfficeRnD integration was activated.
    There are two possible cases here:
    • When the integration connects OfficeRnD to eZeep, it only makes changes to eZeep users that were added through OfficeRnD. Any members that are manually added to the system would not be affected by the integration, even if these clients are also members in your OfficeRnD account.
    • Another reason for this may be that the member is already added to another eZeep account. If you cannot find the member in your eZeep and they should be synchronized according to the integration rules, we would recommend reaching out to eZeep's Support team at 'service@ezeep.com' and provide them with the member's email address. That will allow them to remove the client from their system, so the integration can add them.

If none of this helps you find out why the member is not added to eZeep, please reach out to us at support@officernd.com

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