Set Up Booking Preparation Slots or Back-to-Back Bookings


The "Disable back-to-back bookings" feature allows you to prevent members from creating bookings that don’t have any time between the end of one and the start of the other. This covers scenarios in which meeting rooms need to be prepared for a given booking or need to be serviced after a booking ends.

Disabling Back-to-Back Bookings

The feature is built into Booking Policies. More on that can be found here. Here’s what the Booking Policy dialog looks like:


To disable back-to-back bookings, you need to enable Disallow back-to-back bookings and define the minimum amount of time which will be reserved before a booking. The booking must be one to which the policy applies. The reserved slot will appear on the calendar as shown below:


NOTE: The maximum booking preparation time slot is 30 minutes

Admin perspective

Admins are able to override the back-to-back settings when creating a booking from the admin portal.



Member Perspective

Members will not be able to override the preparation time policy when making bookings. They will be able to see the preparation slots for existing bookings.

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  • How would I do an immediate booking? As if someone were to walk in (first time) and request a day pass?

  • Hello Emily,

    there are 2 scenarios here.
    1. You can set up the member and create the booking for them through the admin portal. 
    2. You can point the customer to your signup page or public calendar where they can make the booking themselves. 

    If they want a day pass, that could be a little different than making a booking, so it's best to advise them to sign up themselves and purchase a day pass. Of course, you need to have a day pass product listed on your signup page. Our article on Day Passes might prove useful. You can find it here 


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