How to Review and Remove a Resource History


It is important to keep track of the occupancy of your Space, which is why OfficeRnD offers several reports on the topic. However, sometimes you will not need to take a look at the bigger picture - instead, you need to check how a specific resource was used and by whom throughout different periods of time.

That is why we offer a quick and easy way to check the historical use of a resource.

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How to Review a Resource History in two ways:

  • From the Space section
    1. Navigate to Space and open the resource section you are interested in - such as Private Offices or Desks.
    2. Find the resource you'd like to review.
    3. Click on the cogwheel on the right of the resource's name and select History


  • From the Floorplan
    1. Find the Resource in question on the floorplan and select it.
    2. Look for the options related to the Resource that shows up on the top-right of the screen.
    3. Select History.


A Resource History provides information about the date on which the members have moved in, as well as moved out. If there have not been any assignments to the resource yet, there will appear a message saying that there are "No assignments to show."

How to remove an entry from a resource's History

Note that deleting a History entry has an immediate impact on your Occupancy report and detaches the membership related to that move from the resource. We recommend making changes to the History of a resource in order to correct mistakes or specific issues.
  1. Open the resource's History
  2. Find the trash-bin icon on the right of the entry you'd like to remove
  3. Click it once to note you'd like to delete it. The bin will change into a checkmark. Click again to confirm that you'd like to delete this entry. 
  4. Done!


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