Add How-to Guides


Here you can let your co-working members know how to set up their printer or what the emergency evacuation procedures are by creating a How-to Guide which would appear on the Members Portal Dashboard.


Add a How-to Guide

To add a Guide, go to Collaboration/How to Guides and use the Add Article option. 

When you are adding or editing a How to Guide, you will have the following options:

  • Name - Enter a Name for the guide.
  • Locations - Select the Locations this Guide is available from, or leave the field blank to ensure the Guide is available to all members.
  • Content - Enter the content of the Guide.
  • File - You can attach a file with instructions that can be downloaded by members viewing the guide. 
  • URL - You can set a URL that your members can follow when viewing the Guide - it can redirect them to a more detailed guide or other resources that are not in the RnD system.

How to rename the How-to Guides section

If you'd like to change the name of the section that appears in the Members Portal, you can change it by navigating to Settings/Member Apps/Members Pages. Use the Configure option under the Welcome Widget to find the option.



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