How To Export Invoices

OfficeRnD offers the opportunity to export invoice data, payments, and invoice documents in a CSV format. That is extremely helpful if you need to work on a specific report that does not fit any of the options available in OfficeRnD by default.

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How To Export Invoices

In order to export invoice data, one or more invoices must be selected:

  1. Go to Billing/Invoices 
  2. Select a number of invoices using the checkboxes next to them.
    Alternatively, select the checkbox on the left of the Number column name to select all invoices on the list.
  3. Click on the Export button


The pop-up window that will appear will offer the following types of export:

  • Export Invoice Data
  • Export Payments Data
  • Export Documents

You can find more information about each option below.

Export Invoice Data

This tab offers three ways to export data about the selected invoices:

  1. Use an Export Preset - Currently, custom invoice properties can be exported only with this option. Click here to learn more about creating an Invoice Export Preset.
  2. Export Member Custom Properties - Using this option will ensure that all custom properties related to the member/company will be added to the CSV file. 
  3. Summarize Invoice Data - This option visualizes every invoice's line item on a different row in the CSV file.

Export Payments Data

Export Payments Data offers the option to export data about the invoice charges - such as Payment Method.
Along with that, it is also possible to add custom properties to the CSV file.

Export Documents

The Export Documents function offers the option to download all selected invoices as PDF files. The documents will be added to an archive file.

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