Аdd SphereMail Page to your Members Portal

SphereMail is an email management platform that allows you to sign in a secure online platform where you can manage your mail from remote locations. You can now create a custom Members Portal page that allows your members to log in their SphereMail account and use the services it offers directly.

How to Create a SphereMail Page

Create a Custom Page with the desired name and icon (E.g. the Mail Services icon). 

  • Find out more details on how to create a custom page in this article.
  • The Custom Page's Type should be External (Embedded) Page.
  • In the URL field, place the link to your SphereMail members' login page - It should be similar to the following URL:

Done! Now you have your ShereMail members tools integrated into your OfficeRnD Members Portal. Here is what it will look like:





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