How to set a Preferred Payment Method for an Individual Member or a Company

With OfficeRnD you can set a preferred payment method for your customers that will ensure they can only be charged using that method.

Select a Preferred Payment Method for a Client

To set the preferred payment method for a company/member you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Community/Members or Community/Companies.
  2. Open the member/company's profile that should be changed.
  3. Scroll down to the Billing Details section on the left part of the screen and click Edit.
  4. From the Payment Method's dropdown menu choose the preferred payment method. 
  5. Click Update.

Invoice generation with a Preferred Payment Method

When a preferred payment method has been selected, all invoices for the customer will be created with that payment method pre-selected. Invoices that have a set payment method can only be charged using that method. Automated charges would only apply if the customer has payment details of that type in their profile.

This makes the Preferred Payment Method feature ideal for customers that have specific billing cycles or would like to handle their billing in a different way than most of the community.

Note: If you select a manual payment method (Cash, Cheque, etc.), the system will not charge the client automatically under any circumstances. 



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