How to Switch Between Members Portal Versions?

OfficeRnD introduced a new and refreshed look for the Mobile Portal - however, we wanted to give you and your community the time to adjust. This article will tell you a bit more about how to preview, enable, or disable the new design for the Members Portal.

The old version of the Members Portal will be deprecated in late 2020 and will no longer be available. Once that happens, the new design will be applied to your Members Portal automatically.

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Preview the new Members Portal

In order to make sure that the new Members Portal does not bring any surprises to your or your community, we added the option to preview the new design for the Members Portal before enabling it for your members.
The preview will show you the exact same Members Portal and any actions you take on it will be reflected in the system - it's simply the new style, but applied only for you.
Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to Settings/AppsGeneral tab - it's the default one.
  2. Find the description of the new Members Portal and the two options below it.
  3. Select the Open Preview Link option:

The preview option will open the Web app's new version in a new tab, so you can check it out before activating it for your members.

Note that if you refresh the preview link, the old style will be applied to the members portal. Don't worry, you can always open a new Preview link!

Update Your Members Portal

Once you have reviewed the new design and decided that you would like to enable it for your Community, you can take the following steps to activate it for everyone:

  1. Go to Settings/AppsGeneral tab.
  2. Find the description of the new Members Portal and the two options below it.
  3. Select the option Activate for all members:

How to switch back to the old Web App?

If you or your community don't seem to like the new version, you can always revert to the old one - not everyone accepts change easily!
Here is how you can do that:

  1. Go to Settings/AppsGeneral tab.
  2. Find the section notifying you that the new Member Portal version is active for everyone.
  3. Select the option Revert to Members Portal 1.0 for ALL members.

Once you do, the Portal will be back to its old version.

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