How to Reset the Permissions of a Teammate


In this help article, we will take a look at how you can reset the permissions of a teammate. Doing so will send them a new Admin Invitation and ask them to set up a new password. It can be done for the following reasons:

1. Force an admin to set a new password.

2. To change their email. Further details can be found in our Update Login Email article.

3. Troubleshoot permissions not working properly.

If you just wish to change a person's permissions and give them a new role, you don't need to follow this guide. You can just navigate to Settings/My account, open the Teammates tab, and follow this article.

  1. Delete the teammate's permissions. Note that the teammate's member profile will remain in the system. Also, please remember to check which Role they have, and which Locations they have access to.

  2. Using the Add Teammate button, add the teammate back. Make sure to choose the same role and location settings as they had prior to removal.


The link in the Admin Invitation email will be valid for 72 hours. In case it expires, a new link can be sent by repeating the process.

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