Set Up PlacePay Payment Details


Unlike the other payment integrations where you can directly enter payment details for members/companies in the admin portal, PlacePay lets you send a mandate request directly to the member to request their payment details.

Before diving in, make sure to read more about setting up the PlacePay integration.

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!

How to Set Up PlacePay Payment Details For a Member

  1. Navigate to a company/member profile
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, click on the Setup Payment Method button in the Payment Details section
  3. The system will prompt you whether you'd like to send a mandate request to the email that's been entered for the customer.
  4. If you confirm, the user will receive an email with a link. Once opened, it will allow them to enter their payment details.

Important information

Unlike the other payment integrations, PlacePay doesn't store financial details automatically. Whenever a member enters their payment details in the link that's been sent to them, they have to enable the Autopay function. If this function isn't enabled, the member's details will not be stored and they won't be chargeable.


If the member entered their details correctly and they enabled Autopay, the payment details will be stored and they'll be chargeable on the admin end. The member can also use the financial instrument on the member portal.

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